We manufacture products and aids for access and transportation of disabled persons by car, ambulance, civil defence vehicles, bus and school bus; our range of transportation solutions includes:

  • Fully automatic twin-pillar lifts with a fixed platform
  • Fully automatic twin-pillar lifts with a horizontally folding platform
  • Aluminum goods loading and unloading ramps.
  • Fully automatic twin-arm lifts with a vertically folding platform
  • Retractable under-floor or under-floor rear or side mounted lifts
  • Retractable in-frame rear or side mounted lifts
  • Two-piece design aluminum ramps for the transportation of disabled persons
  • Swing-traversing or drawer-type electrically powered steps
  • Twin-arm goods loading and unloading lifts

Autolift S.r.l. is a young and dynamic company with ten years’ experience in the field of lifting equipment that specialises in the manufacture of lifts, ramps and steps for the disabled.

Highly specialised staff, use of advanced technologies and a full range of products enable Autolift S.r.l. to meet market requirements for equipping private and public vehicles for disabled people.


Marco Gallingani & Gabriele Ovi

The development of Autolift products revolves around the person.

In addition to robustness and reliability, our lifts must offer comfort of the highest level.

The search for an elegant and modern design is a “MUST” for us: we want our products to integrate perfectly into the vehicles in which they are installed, offering a modern and pleasant design.

Our mission is clearly to make mobility possible, but also to make our customers happy and proud to own an Autolift lift.

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