Coach Ski Lift

The Coach Ski lift is a robust, fully automatic large passenger platform that provides side wheelchair access to executive and luxury coaches.


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This manually operated, telescopic platform delivers safe, sturdy and reliable access for wheelchair passengers and can be fitted retrospectively, or during a new build. Its position within the coach ensures protection from the corrosive effects of road dirt, salt, and spray. In-built anti-rattle technology means no additional noise is produced when in transit. Despite its size, the Coach Ski Lift from Autolift is remarkably compact when stowed so that storage space is not affected in the main luggage compartments. Platform lengths range from 1200-1500mm and a choice of either 825mm or 925mm widths are available. Anti-slip edging strips are added to all platform surfaces either in durable black or highly visible yellow, so that safety is enhanced and coach legislation is met. Every component incorporated within the design has been selected for its proven reliability. Autolift only installs high specification parts so that trusted performance is always delivered. From the wiring and hoses, through to solenoids and hydraulics, the Coach Ski Lift brings together the very latest in engineering innovation. It is fully PSVAR, DDA and Directive 2001/85/EC compliant and provides a cost effective, high quality lifting solution.


Platform usable size: 825/925mm (w) x 1410/ 1510/1610mm and up to 2000mm (l)
Cassette size: 1000mm (w) x 1550-2260mm (l) x 220mm (d)
Max lifting height (ground to vehicle floor) 1700mm
SWL 300kg
Lift standard weight: 240-280kg
Twin red rubber coated handrails
Can be retrofitted or installed during a new vehicle build
825 and 925mm platform width available
High quality components, mechanisms and electronics throughout
Simple, strong, effective bridging plate


• Enhanced peace of mind for passengers with lowered start position
• Fast and simple installation which saves time
• Cost effective, high quality solution specifically engineered for coaches
• Compatible with most coach types, irrespective of body curvature and with no need for chassis modifications
• Strong, durable and safe
• Easy to install, operate and maintain
• High quality, reliable components that are proven to perform
• Minimised down time through straightforward servicing and safety checking
• No additional noise with anti-vibration features as standard

Add-Ons & Upgrades:

• Lifting capability upgrades – 350/400/500kg
• Extendable handrails (out and in)
• Automatic box lock
• Flashing or static LED warning lights
• Box micro fitted to enable a correct stowage signal
• Audible warning device
• Additional handsets
• Lift cycle counter
• Doorsafe II – secures rear doorway of the vehicle when lift is being operated
• Stop-Safe Standard – anti roll-off barrier that is manually slotted into platform end
• Stop-Safe Lite – anti roll-off barrier that is manually slotted into platform end (lightweight alloy construction)
• Stop-Safe Ultra – incorporates safety belts for higher safety specification when loading


  • Control box operates door opener and lift with just one remote control
  • Interlock system makes sure that lift and door don’t collide
  • Automatic sleep mode prevents unintended operation if remote is activated in your pocket
  • Plug’n play wiring to connect to the lift
  • Plug’n play specific brackets to fit most common cars
  • Quick installation
  • Very durable – passed 10.000 cycles test = 4 operations pr. 7 day for 7 years


• SWL and CE certificates issued
• LOLER Installation Compliance
• Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, SVTA and BS6109 Part 2 compliant
• Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)
• ISO accredited production